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Do you stay in Rowville or are you new in town, and you are looking for a professional hairdresser to do your hair? At Fratelle we care about you, and that’s why we have the best salons with best hairdressers in the region. We understand that for you to look good, you need to have a reliable hairdresser in Rowville and a reputable hair & beauty company like Fratelle. However, even if we have award-winning hairdressers, you are responsible for choosing the right hairstyle for you. Our able team of hairdressers will only give opinions since the client is the king, you will be the one to have the final word.

There is no second opinion on the fact that hairstyle has a significant say on one's personality. Even if a person doesn't have an attractive face cut, a suitable hairstyle would cover it up and make it look beautiful and charming. That's the reason why so much importance is given to hairstyles, and people are ready to spend small fortunes to get a good hairstylist to groom their hair up.

How then do you choose your hairstyle?
There are various hairstyles available on the market, but not everything suits you. Therefore you need to be careful in choosing the right hairstyle. Depending on your face cut and the shape of your head you need first get the right hairstyle for you before coming to meet our award-winning hairdresser in Rowville. Some of the common hairstyles that you can choose from include;

Very Short - In this type, the hair would be somewhere above the ears.

Short - In this, the hairs are a little longer and will be a little below the ear

Short chin length - This is somewhere between the short size and the medium size.

Medium - The hairs fall up around the shoulder.

Long - This can be anywhere between the shoulders and below.

Your hair structure is also an essential factor when choosing the right hairstyle; for instance, your hair can be;

Thin - The density of the hair is very less, and the hairs fall flat. Using Bangs for these type of hairs would help in giving the added look of thickness.

Thick - The amount of hair is normally dense and are slightly rough brings in a slight stiffness that is favorable while doing the styles.

Fine - These types of hairs are soft and silky. Quite often it becomes difficult to handle them while giving you your favorite style.

Curly - Not to say, they are visible. The hairs do not fall straight and take curves and curls.
Some of the classic and fashionable hairstyles for women include;

Pixie - These are very short haircuts. They give that chic look on the face. These are most suitable for thin hairs as they provide a closer look on the top thereby covering the thinness.

Pony Tail - Most favored and widely used giving an informal look and can be used anywhere.

Braids - Of all the types French Braids are quite famous and are usually used in medium and long hairs. These are used on a daily basis, but for special occasions, many people decorate them with beads and flower pins.

In case you are not sure which hairstyles suit you, don’t mind our experienced hairdressers in Rowville will guide you in choosing the right style.


Hairdresser Rowville
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