Hairdressers in Mulgrave

Mulgrave, a suburb situated in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 21km south-east of Melbourne's central business district. Melbourne inhabits of the worlds most award-winning hair salons. One of the hairdressers in Mulgrave is Fratelle of which two hair salon subsidiaries were formed. Namely, Wheelers Hill and Camberwell.

What is Fratellez?
Fratelle is a hairdressing institution in Mulgrave, Melbourne. The brand has been around for about three decades and still delivers exceptional service. Their team is comprised of multi-skilled experts, whom with decades of experience have become artisans in their fields of expertise. So much so that they have claimed a surmountable amount of awards for their hairdressers in Mulgrave. It has become a salon at which talented individuals, called stylists, listen to your needs and work to such an extent that every time you utilize their services, you as a customer, will feel proud of the style that has been a unique creation in the making. Suited for you and your bodily features.

It can be seen, throughout the work, they do for their customers, that this hairdresser in Mulgrave employs passionate people, that are capable of delivering a proper professional service to their clients. This hairdresser's passion for exceptional work and service have brought its ambitions into full fruition. Over the past twenty years, they have won more than seventy awards within their industry. And even so, they continue to win awards to this day, priding themselves on delivering the highest quality service in their industry.

Their mantra, "To make you look and feel good."

Fratellez Wheelers Hill
At Fratelle Wheelers you are welcomed by the feeling of being the most important person in the salon. At Wheelers one can feel the character and personality oozing out from the door. Over the past 19 years, Fratelle Wheelers have become all the more innovative with hair designs, without losing inspiration and still embarking on the journey to broaden their business. Make no mistake, this is not done at the cost of Fratelle's history, because the business' history and philosophy have been well preserved. Why? Because their ideas have built-in longevity, meaning that their aim is for their ideas to stand the test of time. To be put into one word, ideas that are, timeless.

See as time goes on and Fratelle continues to exert an unprecedented influence within the hair salon industry, they stand firm upon their legacy, that hairdressing, exceptional service, and their ever persisting pursuit to be inspired ensures clients have an exceptionally well, extraordinary experience.

Fratelle Camberwell
Fratelle Camberwell salon boasts with its ability to arouse it clients into being warm-fully welcomed into the salon. All that you as a client should be doing, is relax and let them take care of you. Fratelle boasts with the HBIA title for their astounding service in the hairdressing industry and has been holding on to that title since 2013 till today.

Now ladies and gents, should you find yourself in Mulgrave, Melbourne, Australia. Mark X on your map to put Fratelle on your itinerary and in doing so, treat yourself to an award-winning salon experience.

Hairdresser In Mulgrave
Fratelle Hair & Make Up
03 9562 1933
Shop 20, 190 Jells Road, Wheelers Hill, Victoria, 3150

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