If you are going to be moving to a new city, you are looking to relocate or you want a change, you could start to search for a new hair salon. There are many things that you want when you are picking a new hair dresser in Camberwell so that you can have the best possible experience. The good news is that you can keep some helpful tips handy to improve your chances of picking out the best salon as well as a hair dresser that you can truly connect with. 

Look For Referrals

The friends that you have at school or work can end up being a world of information for you whenever you are looking for a new hair salon to visit. Talk with a few people about where they go to get a cut and color and who they use for a hair stylist. The chances are good that they will be more than happy to share their stylist with you and even give you some helpful insight into the salon in general.

Look At The Website 

The majority of salons today will have their own website along with a Facebook page. Each of these places is a great way to gather information on the salon as well as the services and stylists that they have to offer. When you look on Facebook, you will also be able to see firsthand testimonials of happy clients who are always willing to share their pictures of their latest style with the Facebook world. 

Plan A Visit

Before choosing a new hair dresser in Camberwell, you need to plan on visiting the salon in person prior to setting up your first appointment. This is your chance to take a look at the facility to see how busy it is, the level of cleanliness, the clients that are there, and the products that they have to offer for use during your appointment and for you to purchase to take home.

Evaluate the Stylists

It is a well-known fact that stylists tend to experiment from time to time, but the last thing you want is to book an appointment with a stylist that seems unkempt and their hair is worse for wear. Check out the stylists to see how they present themselves, as this can be a good indication of their own personal style and what they have to offer to clients as a hair dresser.

When you know that you want to have a stylist that is creative and timeless, you will find the professionals you need at Fratelle Hair & Beauty. We are an award-winning salon and we have a great deal to offer for potential clients who are looking to make a change. When you want to have a hair dresser in Camberwell that you can trust, we can set you up for a consultation so that you can find a good fit for the look and style that you are after. We only accept the best when it comes to stylists working at our salon, which is what we do so that we can bring you nothing but the best.

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