It goes without saying that being picky about your hair has advantages and disadvantages. When you are very particular about how it is cut and styled, it means that you need a hairdresser that is able to measure up to your tastes and standards. If you find yourself looking for a new salon, you will see that there are some amazing Camberwell hairdressers that make an excellent choice. It is all about the manner in which you go about your search and selection process.

Record The Details On Your Current Look

You may love your current look and you are happy with your current stylist, but you need to make a change when you are moving or your stylist may be relocating. Never be afraid to ask them to jot down how they create the look that you love or the right color. Having a stylist that does something unique should never mean that you are unable to duplicate it elsewhere.

Bring Along Photos

While this may seem obvious, some people will browse for a new look and then forget to bring it with them when they are interviewing Camberwell hairdressers to become their new stylist. When you go in for a consultation, you can show off the photos and see if they are able to recreate it. You can also ask if they have photos of their own work that is similar to the photos that you have brought with you.

Go With Your Gut 

Picking out a new hairdresser is not solely about the talent he or she possesses. This is also about how the two of you hit it off. The last thing that you want to happen is to find someone who can do the job but you feel uncomfortable around one another. The entire salon experience should be comfortable and welcoming so that you have a truly memorable experience.

Be Careful Experimenting

While it is a nice thought that you can walk right into a salon and try something new, this is not going to be the ideal time to experiment with your hair. Play it safe and get to know the stylist and the salon first before you dive into anything that is outside of your comfort zone. It is important that you meet a new hairdresser and build up a rapport and trust before you start to try anything new and fresh. You can always start with a simple trim and follow along with the color profile that you are used to. If it comes out great, you can then go back for something a bit different the next time.

When you make an appointment with Fratelle Hair & Beauty, you can trust in our award-winning team to give you all of the attention that you deserve. We would like to show you that you have plenty to look forward to you when you look for Camberwell hairdressers to become your new stylist. Whether you want a cut and a color or you want to have a consultation, we can have you come in to talk about your favorite styles and show you what our salon is all about.

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