When it comes to styling your hair, the chances are good that how-to videos and watching a hair stylist can make certain styles seem a lot easier than they really are. If you are interested in a blow wave in Wheelers Hill, you will find that a professional is always going to be able to get the job done best. The more that you know about a blow wave and how it is achieved, the easier it will be for you to select the best salon and stylist to give you amazing results. 

What Is A Blow Wave?

This style is the result of a process that combines a traditional blow out with the introduction of waves. Even though a hair dresser may make a blow wave in Wheelers Hill seem effortless, they can be difficult for someone to achieve without the right amount of training. This is a process that is done by coordinating the brush and the dryer to create the style, but if you are trying it on yourself you will need to be working in reverse while looking in the mirror. Visiting a salon for a blow wave will probably consist of the following steps:

After you arrive at the salon, you will be seated and the stylist will take a look at your hair and scalp to go over the results you are hoping for. You will then have your hair professionally washed and conditioned to get it ready for the drying process. After your hair is fully rinsed, you will be taken back to the chair for a complete blow dry. Your stylist will apply the necessary treatment product for keeping your hair healthy and protected while being subjected to the heat and styling.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, there are also methods available where you can have a permanent blow wave. This will usually consist of a keratin product application that protects the hair while also sealing in the wave style.

While the stylist works on your hair, he or she will use hair clips as a way to section off your hair into manageable portions for drying. This secret helps to achieve the blow wave quicker and also helps with a much smoother result instead of all of the hair blowing around at the same time. During the blow wave process, the stylist will also be able to work on taming any cowlicks that you have while also cutting back on frizz. You can let the hair dresser know exactly how much body and wave you are looking for so that you can get incredible results suited to your personal style. 

We would love to see you at Fratelle Hair & Beauty when you are ready for a professional blow wave in Wheelers Hill. We have the staffing and the happy clients to let you know that your style is in great hands when you make an appointment with us. At our award-winning salon, we are always looking for ways that we can bring new and exciting treatments and styling methods to our clients.

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