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Are you residing around or in Melbourne and you are looking for the best blow wave services in vain? Now you have a reason to smile since we are here for you and our experience in hair and beauty is unmatched in the region. Our company has the best salons such as Camberwell that offer this revolutionary new hair treatment in the city. The Blow Wave hair straightening is not a chemical process and is one of the safest ways to make your hair beautiful. It’s a smooth process that will curl, relax and repair your damaged hair plus add incredible shine to your dull hair as well as drying it. The blow wave will also take the crimp out your wavy and curly hair and remove the rebellious and unmanageable hair. Just contact us when you need the best hair and beauty services in the country.

Why come for blow wave at Camberwell salon?
There is no doubt that a nice hair has a significant contribution in enhancing your beauty our blow wave services come brings out the real beauty in you. Also, the process has the following benefits;

1. The process is an ultimate treatment for your hair, and with our experienced staff, you can be sure to show the world your real beauty.
2. Our Blow wave procedure is suitable for any hair, therefore don’t mind about your hair when coming to our leading salon.
3. The blow-wave is ideal for eliminating tames and fizzy rebellious hair that is giving you a headache every time.
4. Our gentle formula is safe and is undertaken by professionals. Thus it doesn’t cause any damage to your hair.
5. The blow wave effects for almost four months but that is only guaranteed when you get the process from Camberwell salon
6. Our team of experts can perform the blow wave even two days after coloring your hair.

How about the experience at our salon?
Upon arriving at our salon, you will be treated like a queen by our able team and will give you directions professionally, and the process will only start when you are ready. Our therapist will first diagnose your hair to ensure that blow wave service is what it needs. After that, you will be taken through a fully reclining backwash chair, where your hair will be washed with a preparation shampoo for about 10 minutes. After your hair is rinsed off, you will be guided by our specialists to the treatment area where is supposed to be dried before going to the next step. At this level, our able staff will now apply the essential hair supplements before blow drying it, and you will get out of our salon looking like a Goddess.

How does it work?
Keratin which the main product we use in this process is the protein which provides your hair with strength, we apply it gently and iron it onto the hair shaft. At our salon blow wave will take about three hours but it will last for a minimum of four months. The Keratin will slowly fade out your hair in four months, so your hair will no experience any growth for this period, thus maintaining your new style for long.

Every time you trust us to work on your hair, you will always go home with a smile on your face. Call us today for more information.

Blow Wave Camberwell
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