Most women understand how important it is to have a good hairdresser that they can count on. When you find yourself looking for the best hairdresser in Wheelers Hill, there are a few things that you can keep in mind. Not only should you make sure that the stylist is on point but it is important that the salon is reputable and puts off a comfortable and inviting vibe to ensure you have the best possible experience.


There are times when picking out the perfect hairdresser can sometimes be as simple as taking a look at people around you. Talk to some of your close friends about the good experiences that they’ve had at a Wheelers Hill salon. You may also have some co-workers or family members who have recently been in for services and you enjoy the color or cut they received. Not only will most people be happy to share this information with you but stylists also appreciate it when people give referrals to help them build their business.

Avoid The Budget Salons 

While it may be nice to know that you are saving some money, a good cut and style is not the time to be looking for rock-bottom pricing. With many of the budget salons that are out there today, you get what you pay for. Unless you are looking for a cheap cut and a cheap color, this is never the way to go. However, you should also be careful when you find a salon that seems to have nothing but outrageous pricing on their services menu. You should be able to choose a salon that has pricing that reflects the amount of work that goes into each service.

Get A Consultation

While hair styling is not quite like surgery, you can look at it in a similar fashion. You would never want a surgeon to start cutting until you have met the person and had a consultation. When you know that you want to change up your style, the consultation is a great way to talk with the stylist to make sure that he or she has the same aesthetic vision as you while also having the right amount of skill. During your consultation, you can go over the styles that you like while also addressing any of the concerns that you may have. It is also a great time to talk with other staff at the salon and get a feel for the overall vibe inside.

When looking for the best hairdresser in Wheelers Hill, you can count on Fratelle Hair & Beauty to deliver on all fronts. We have the honor of stating that we have won over 70 industry awards throughout the years and we are always looking to bring in new clients who share the same vision and passion for style as we do. It is our goal each and every day to ensure everyone who leaves our salon is thrilled with their experience so that they feel comfortable coming back and referring us to others.

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